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The world we live in is a magical, limitless treasure chest that offers the most extraordinary and wonderful experiences if absorbed correctly.
Fletcher Creative is a Melbourne based design studio with a strong focus on brand identity, editorial, websites and advertising.

The business approach focuses on what is real, and strives to change how you think about and see the world from a creative perspective.

Fletcher Creative is determined in bringing a client’s vision to life, adding value with a point of difference, so that they can engage their audience in a positive and successful way.

Fletcher Creative has a strong focus on developing relationships based on trust and understanding, whilst ensuring your results are achieved through a collaborative and professional approach.


Identity / Branding
Web / Interactive
Print Design
Environmental Design
Visual Identity / Concept Development
Design & Development
Posters, Publication, Advertising, Stationery, Packaging
Signage, Wall Graphics
Digital, Analog/Film Photography - 35mm Film
HD Video Production

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